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Sokolov - Staré Sedlo industrial zone

Town: Staré sedlo
Population: 819
Cadastral area: Vítkov u Sokolova (782963), Staré Sedlo u Sokolova (754722)
District: Sokolov
Site area (ha): cca 130.00, of which available:130.00
Ownership Number of owners Ownership interest in % Restriction of ownership rights
Private 1 100% None
Municipal 0 0% None
State 0 0% None
Church 0 0% None
Not determined 0 0% None
Total number of owners 1  

Brief characteristics:

The Staré Sedlo industrial zone is situated in the NUTS II territory of Northwest Bohemia and belongs to the administrative Karlovy Vary Region. The nearest cities are Sokolov (24,177 inhabitants) and Staré Sedlo (820 inhabitants). The industrial zone stretching over an area of 124 ha is provided with spatial planning documentation and is ready for industrial production and warehousing. This locality is well connected to major roads, which underlines its strategic character in the Karlovy Vary Region. The area is not burdened with any liability. Its majority owner is the mining company Sokolovská uhelná, právní nástupce, a.s. Both the Karlovy Vary Region and the City of Sokolov intend to use this property in order to exploit all other industrial areas located within the Sokolov agglomeration, or to offer it to a strategic investor who will ensure jobs and support the local labor market under the conditions of industrial restructuring.

The City of Sokolov 

The City of Sokolov is found in the center of the Sokolov Basin at the foothills of the Krušné Mountains. The area bears nationally significant deposits of brown coal and thus facilitates the generation of power. This makes the Sokolov Region a significant power hub of the national and international transmission systems. The city lies on the international express road R/6 stretching between Nuremburg, Cheb, Sokolov, Karlovy Vary and Prague and on the intersection of 2nd class roads connecting the towns of Kraslice, Sokolov and Bečov nad Teplou. The regional railroad track between Cheb, Karlovy Vary and Ústí nad Labem also has its importance. The city has a number of secondary schools specializing in engineering and the building industry. Not far from Sokolov are the towns of Královské Poříčí, Habartov, Bukovany, Dolní Rychnov, Staré Sedlo, Svatava, Březová u Sokolova and Loket. These communities provide sufficient human resources and land for residential properties across their entire area. The international airport in Karlovy Vary is only 30 km away.

Labor market

This agglomeration offers most jobs in the power industry that is further divided into the mining of primary sources, which is being gradually phased out (2030), and the processing of resources; i.e. the production and distribution of electricity. The process of local industrial restructuring provides enough qualified workers, especially in the fields of engineering and associated services.

The most suitable anticipated future use of this locality: Assembly and storage premises, industrial production, commercial sales facility
Spatial planning documentation: yes
Spatial planning decision: yes
Investment plans: no
Government aid: no
Ecological burden: no

Connection to technical infrastructure networks:

Water mains: no
Sanitation: no
Gas line: no
Power: no
Heat: no
Telecommunication: no

Transport infrastructure:

Highway: yes - area at exit 141 from express road R/6
1st class roads: yes
2nd class roads: yes
Railroad: yes - the nearest one is in Sokolov, approx. 4.5 km, 10 min.
Railroad siding: no
Airport: yes - international airport in Karlovy Vary, 30 km, 30 minutes
Border crossing: no

Construction restrictions:

Flood plains: no
Technical infrastructure protection zone: yes - very high voltage and high voltage power lines
Highway protection zone: yes - express road
Railroad protection zone: no
Airport protection zone: no
Protected landscape area: no
Bio corridor: no

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Investment Opportunities in the Karlovy Vary Region
Investment Opportunities in the Karlovy Vary Region

Investment Opportunities in the Karlovy Vary Region
Karlovarská agentura rozvoje podnikání, p. o.
The Business Development Agency of Karlovy Vary Region (KARP)
Závodní 278,
360 18 Karlovy Vary
Podnikatelský inkubátor KANOV, 4nd floor