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Ostrov industrial zone

Town: Ostrov 
Population: 17.222
Cadastral area: Ostrov nad Ohří (715883)
District: Karlovy Vary
Site area (ha): cca 30.50, of which available:1.30
Ownership Number of owners Ownership interest in % Restriction of ownership rights
Private 0 0% None
Municipal 1 100% None
State 0 0% None
Church 0 0% None
Not determined 0 0% None
Total number of owners 1  

Brief characteristics:

The Ostrov industrial zone is situated in the NUTS II territory of Northwest Bohemia and belongs to the administrative Karlovy Vary Region and to the Town of Ostrov (17,400 inhabitants). The overall area of this industrial zone is 30.5 ha. The land that is available for sale spans 0,7 ha and is provided with an access road, a backbone service road, and fundamental technical infrastructure. The individual lots situated within the industrial zone are the property of the Town of Ostrov and are specified as mixed production areas and designed to be used for the buildings for industry and production of all kinds and storage facilities. Public networks are installed at the border of each lot. When coming from Karlovy Vary the industrial zone is easily accessible from an exit from the Ostrov ring road (1st class road No. 1/13). The lots in this industrial zone are to be sold to business organizations that will directly operate future technical facilities. The Town of Ostrov has thus made it its goal to find and contact small and medium-size companies that will use this zone to create as many jobs as possible.

The Town of Ostrov

The Town of Ostrov lies at the foothills of the Krušné Mountains in the northwest area of the Sokolov Basin. This industrial region with a segmented labor market has a long tradition of engineering, electrotechnical industry, glass and porcelain production, and small and medium-size processing plants. The Town of Ostrov lies on road I/13 (E442: Karlovy Vary – Ostrov – Ústí nad Labem – Dresden), near road I/6 (E48: Nuremburg– Cheb – Karlovy Vary – Prague and on road I/25 (Ostrov – Boží Dar – Chemnitz). The major railroad track connecting Nuremburg, Karlovy Vary and Ústí nad Labem runs through Ostrov as well. The airport in Karlovy Vary is only 15 km away.

Labor market

The common labor market shared by the agglomeration of Ostrov and Karlovy Vary is ideal for development programs. Ostrov has secondary schools specializing in engineering, electrical engineering and transportation. These institutions also deal with requalification programs. In case of a future workforce influx, the industrial agglomeration is ready to offer opportunities for the development of housing and the social infrastructure.

At the present 97% of the industrial zone is occupied.

Spatial planning documentation: yes
Spatial planning decision: yes
Investment plans: no
Government aid: no
Ecological burden: no
Civic amenities:

5 day care centers, 3 elementary schools, 1 elementary art school, 1 upper secondary general school, Secondary Technical School, Center for Technical Education, outpatient clinic, hospital, post office, banks. The Town of Ostrov is preparing an extension of the public transportation service to the industrial zone. 

Connection to technical infrastructure networks:

Water mains: yes - DN 150
Sanitation: yes
Gas line: yes
Power: yes - high voltage 2x22
Heat: yes - a heat exchanger is situated in the northeast tip of the complex
Telecommunication: yes

Transport infrastructure:

Highway: yes - D6 - 9 km
1st class roads: yes - I/13 from Karlovy Vary, exits are situated to the north and south from the Industrial zone
2nd class roads: yes
Railroad: yes - railroad station in Ostrov, track No. 140 Chomutov – Karlovy Vary – Cheb- Germany
Railroad siding: no
Airport: yes - international airport in Karlovy Vary, 17 km, 19 minutes
Border crossing: yes - Boží Dar (with limitations)

Construction restrictions:

Flood plains: no
Technical infrastructure protection zone: yes - very high voltage and high voltage power lines 110 kV
Highway protection zone: no
Railroad protection zone: no - the industrial zone lies outside the protection zone
Airport protection zone: no
Protected landscape area: no
Bio corridor: no

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A map of the locality

Investment Opportunities in the Karlovy Vary Region
Investment Opportunities in the Karlovy Vary Region

Investment Opportunities in the Karlovy Vary Region
Karlovarská agentura rozvoje podnikání, p. o.
The Business Development Agency of Karlovy Vary Region (KARP)
Závodní 278,
360 18 Karlovy Vary
Podnikatelský inkubátor KANOV, 4nd floor