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Kraslice Industrial area

Town: Kraslice
Population: 6.952
Cadastral area: Kraslice; 673293
District: Sokolov
Site area (ha): cca 1.60, of which available:0.00
Type of locality: Area with technical networks
Number of lots: 1
Ownership Number of owners Ownership interest in % Restriction of ownership rights
Private 0 0% None
Municipal 1 100% None
State 0 0% None
Church 0 0% None
Not determined 0 0% None
Total number of owners 1  

Brief characteristics:


The industrial site is located on the outskirts of the town of Kraslice in the direction to the border crossing Kraslice - Klingenthal. The landlot itself covering the area of 1.6 ha is mostly flat. Based on the approved zoning map is part of mixed production premises. The area concerned is located close to the road  II/210 and the railroad connecting Kraslice and Klingenthal. The townhall offers to coming investors some interesting local incentives, such as an advantageous price of the landlots.


Site use according to spatial planning documentation: mixed production areas
The most suitable anticipated future use of this locality: production, warehouses, trade, services
Spatial planning documentation: yes
Spatial planning decision: yes
The area to be built-up: cca 1.60 ha
Investment plans: no
Government aid: no
Ecological burden: no
Civic amenities:

kindergarden, basic school, secondary school, art school, library, health centre, post office

Connection to technical infrastructure networks:

Water mains: yes
Sanitation: yes
Gas line: yes
Power: yes
Heat: no
Telecommunication: yes

Transport infrastructure:

Highway: yes
1st class roads: yes - R6, 25 km
2nd class roads: yes - 2nd class road/210
Railroad: yes
Railroad siding: no
Airport: yes - Karlovy Vary, 40 km
Border crossing: yes - Kraslice - Klingenthal, 2 km

Construction restrictions:

Flood plains: yes
Technical infrastructure protection zone: yes - sanitation, high voltage power lines
Highway protection zone: no
Railroad protection zone: no
Airport protection zone: no
Protected landscape area: no
Bio corridor: no

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A map of the locality

Investment Opportunities in the Karlovy Vary Region
Investment Opportunities in the Karlovy Vary Region

Investment Opportunities in the Karlovy Vary Region
Karlovarská agentura rozvoje podnikání, p. o.
The Business Development Agency of Karlovy Vary Region (KARP)
Závodní 278,
360 18 Karlovy Vary
Podnikatelský inkubátor KANOV, 4nd floor