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Industrial park Aš

Population: 13.054
Cadastral area: Aš (600521)
District: Cheb
Site area (ha): cca 28.50, of which available:5.60
Type of locality: engineering infrastructure available
Ownership Number of owners Ownership interest in % Restriction of ownership rights
Private 1 90% None
Municipal 1 10% None
State 0 0% None
Church 0 0% None
Not determined 0 0% None
Total number of owners 2  

Brief characteristics:

The Aš industrial park is situated in the NUTS II territory of Northwest Bohemia and belongs to the administrative Karlovy Vary Region. The City of Aš (population: 13,090) provided a Greenfield site for the industrial park; engineering networks are available at the site boundary. The total area of 32.5 ha can be sold to or rented by companies as areas for industrial production and storage. Certain lots are classified as ‘mixed zones’ and can thus be built up with residential development. The owners of the property are the town of Aš and Roofs Development s.r.o., a member of the BCD Group (an international association of several developing companies).

The City of Aš

The City of Aš and its vicinity is a traditional home to the textile industry. However, there are also several important companies specializing in engineering production. The city lies on the state border with Germany (The border crossing between Aš and Selb.). In 2002 a new ring road was built on the west side of the city, thus contributing to the better accessibility of the industrial park. The City of Aš is connected with the recently finished north ring road of the City of Cheb (road I/6 – E48) stretching from Nuremberg to Cheb and Prague. The German highway A93 spanning between Munich and Berlin is also within easy reach as it is situated only 10 km away from Aš. Furthermore, the City of Aš lies only approx. 35 km from the international airport in Hof, Germany, and about 70 km from the international airport in Karlovy Vary.

Labor market

The region’s competitive advantage is a cheap yet experienced labor workforce, especially in the field of engineering, electrical engineering and textile production. In general, local people have a good command of German.

Site use according to spatial planning documentation: Areas for industrial production and storage
Spatial planning documentation: yes
Spatial planning decision: yes
Investment plans: no
Government aid: no
Ecological burden: no

Connection to technical infrastructure networks:

Water mains: yes - at the site boundary
Sanitation: yes - at the site boundary
Gas line: yes - at the site boundary
Power: yes - at the site boundary
Heat: yes - at the site boundary
Telecommunication: yes - at the site boundary

Transport infrastructure:

Highway: yes - A93 Munich– Berlin (10 km)
1st class roads: yes - I/6 – E48
2nd class roads: yes
Railroad: yes
Railroad siding: no
Airport: yes - international airport Hof (Germany) 35 km
Border crossing: yes - Aš – Selb

Construction restrictions:

Flood plains: no
Technical infrastructure protection zone: yes - external high voltage power lines 22 kV
Highway protection zone: no
Railroad protection zone: yes
Airport protection zone: no
Protected landscape area: no
Bio corridor: no

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Investment Opportunities in the Karlovy Vary Region
Investment Opportunities in the Karlovy Vary Region

Investment Opportunities in the Karlovy Vary Region
Karlovarská agentura rozvoje podnikání, p. o.
The Business Development Agency of Karlovy Vary Region (KARP)
Závodní 278,
360 18 Karlovy Vary
Podnikatelský inkubátor KANOV, 4nd floor